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Keys to Forex Trading Success

These are the Keys to Forex Trading Success

Forex trading can be a profitable business and there are a few personal characteristics that most successful forex traders have in common. The following personal characteristics lead to a profitable career as a Forex Trader.


Some people believe that to make a sale or make a topic more interesting, they need to exaggerate and make things interesting in order to sell something. These people never go over the bad points, but tend to brush them aside. As a Forex trader, an absolutely essential quality is that of complete honesty. Honesty in Forex trading is a high commodity; it helps build strong business relationships, promotes trust, and earns security from clients. If you are trading your own money - be very honest to yourself and your own personal trading position.

Keep Your Word and Follow the Rules

The saying, “your only as good as your word” is never more true than in this business. When a Forex Trader promises something, it better come true. If a commitment is made, then it needs to be kept.

Its also very important that all Forex Trading rules are followed thoroughly. In the beginning this might be time consuming, but as the Trading continues, the process will become easier to follow and even automatic.

Listen, then Think then Take action

Most people are terrible listeners, interrupting when they shouldn’t, not listening to the full story, and then realizing that they made a terrible mistake because they didn’t listen. In Forex trading it is absolutely essential to listen, then analyze what has been said, and only then take action.

Good Forex traders are known for their listening skills, and thinking abilities. They do not react to what they are listening to before analysing it. Once they have thoroughly thought out the consequences, they will express their ideas and possible solutions

There is No Room For the Ego in Business

The worst business decisions and especially in Forex Trading are based on Pride. Decisions based on pride or arrogance, are the worst decisions that can ever be made. A successful Forex trader is going to base his decision on facts and not based on his previous successes or failures.

Forex Trading Goal Setting

People that are successful in the financial world know how to set goals. They are persistent and unyielding until they do what they set out to do. Setting goals gives you a basic outline of what your total aim is. Many people set goals everyday but the sad part is they never follow through, with not even one of those goals.

Forex Physics

The truly intelligent and successful Forex trader will not overlook the laws of physics. Laws which state that negative feelings promote negative outcomes, and positive outlooks promote positive outcomes. This law known as “The Law of Attraction” states that when a person believes in a positive outcome, he will be surrounded by positive people, positive outcomes, and be successful, but when a person does not believe in himself or that he deserves positive things in his life, that is exactly what will happen. He won’t have anything positive happen in his life!

The first step in becoming a successful Forex trader is developing the right personal characteristics, before learning the technical skills needed in Forex trading. People must develop their personal characteristics before wanting to be exceptional traders.

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