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Retail Sales Data - Retail Sales less Automotives

Retail Sales Data - Retail Sales less Automotives; Bureau of Census; Around the 12th of each month, 8:30am EST.

Retail Sales Data; Retail Sales less Automotives - Bureau of Census; Around the 12th of each month, 8:30am EST, covers previous month data. Retail sales are a key driving force in US economy, this indicator tracks the merchandise sold by companies within the retail trade. This indicator measures the total consumer spending on retails sales (not including service costs). The retail revenues are a major part (two thirds) of the US economy. The Census Bureau surveys hundreds of various sized firms and business offering some type of retail trade. Every month the data is released showing the percent change from the previous month data. A negative number indicates that sales decreased from the previous months sales. This indicator is a very big market mover because it is used as a gauge of consumer activity and confidence as higher sales figures would indicate increased economic activity. The data is very timely because retail sales data is released within 2 weeks of the previous month.

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