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The Bank of Japan (BoJ)

Information and facts on the BoJ, the central banking system of Japan

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) is the central bank of Japan which was established after the Meiji restoration. Before the restoration, the money system had an array of incompatible denominations, but was removed after the new currency act of Meiji established the Japanese Yen as the new, official decimal currency. The Bank of Japan is a juridicial person established through the Bank of Japan law and is neither a private company nor a government organization.

The objectives and missions of the Bank of Japan are the maintenance of price stability, stability of the financial system to ensure stable foundations for sound economic development in Japan. In order to achieve this, the BoJ participates in activities which include the Issuance and management of bank notes, to conduct monetary policy, the provision of settlement services, to ensure the stability of its financial system and also to conduct activities as a “government’s bank”, where the government’s financial activities are monitored by the BoJ. In order to conduct monetary policy, the BoJ need an accurate view of Japan’s economic and financial condition. To assist in this, the BoJ compiles statistics which include, wholesale price index, corporate service price index and money stock. To add to this, the Bank of Japan directly contacts firms in order to gain their views and opinions on the current state of the Japanese economy. The Bank of Japan also participates in activities which involve the international community, such as international financial transactions and operations, intervention in the forex markets and also as an international exchanger or views.

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