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TIC (Treasury International Capital)

TIC (Treasury International Capital) Data - Department of the Treasury; Around 12th working day of each month,

TIC (Treasury International Capital) Data on transactions in long term securities. Department of the Treasury; Around 12th working day of each month, 9:00am EST, covers month before previous data.

The TIC data provides information about the most important way the US is financing its ongoing current account deficit: selling long-term securities to foreigners, or exporting debt. It is important to remember that there are other ways of financing a deficit: borrowing from foreign banks or attracting net FDI inflows. But since FDI flows have been negative and bank flows tend to be small, most of the financing the US needs has come from the sale of long-term securities to foreigners. TIC data are a good measurement of how much a country is trusted in the international investment community. It is considered as a big market mover.

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